Places to Visit 

Kew Gardens


Kew Gardens run a range of activites from Early years through to key stage 4.
Engaging, interactive and hands-on, are a few ways to explain the activities designed to encourage children to embark on a journey in inquiry-based learning. Designed to meet curriculum targets across a wide range of subjects including science, maths, English, geography, art and design, technology and more.
The perfect outdoor classroom. Magnificent glasshouses, exceptional plant collections, glorious grounds and vital scientific research.

London Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust 


Grab your wellies, for an unforgettable learning experience outdoors designed to support your teaching and learning in school

Since 1946, over 2 million pupils have visited WWT, the UK’s leading provider of learning outside the classroom. Learners are immersed in a unique environment, coming face to face with the unexpected and exploring wetland habitats hands-on.


Vauxhall City Farm

5 reasons to take your class to Vauxhall City Farm:

  1. It’s the perfect place to introduce young people to the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside without leaving central London.
  2. They offer high quality, curriculum-linked learning experiences tailored to your class.
  3. Friendly staff are always on hand to make your visit fun, safe and memorable.
  4. Newly refurbished ecology garden provides a peaceful green space in which to learn about nature.
  5. Where else could you meet sheep, goats, alpacas, horses, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits, ferrets, rats and guinea pigs in Zone 1



Roots and Shoots


This award-winning wildlife garden is a quiet and secluded haven within central London

Roots and Shoots is keen to involve children in environmental education by hosting school visits to the wildlife garden.


  • Bee hive visits 
  • Children's art workshops in the new Study Centre
  • National Apple Day
  • British Science Week 
  • National Moth Night 
  • National Insect Week



Oasis Nature Garden

Oasis Children’s Nature Garden, one of the only wildlife gardens just for children. The garden was a derelict site until 1982 when the local community began working on the transformation of the this into it’s now mature state.





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