“Excellent training, research to back up and support with changing mindset of staff team!” Luton Practitioner 

“This is one of the best training I have attended I would recommend it to everyone.” Lambeth Teacher 

Having the practical sessions made the course very powerful. Great training.” Haringey Practitioner

“Loved every bit of it. I will use what I have learnt to inspire teaching andsupport staff for outdoor learning.” Wandsworth Teacher 


  • I now feel stronger in putting my outdoor views into practice
  • Very enjoyable and interesting, good clear teaching; interesting ideas.
  • Loved every bit of it. I will use what I have learnt to inspire teaching and support staff for outdoor activities.
  • I will now encourage my team to change their mind-set about the outdoors, which is fun!
  • I found the reasons for doing outdoor learning really useful for
    convincing other staff to take it on board.
  • Lots of practical activities - feel more confident in delivering outdoor
  • Useful information about risk assessments.
  • All the outdoor activities were engaging, interesting and interactive.
    A great way to connect to nature.
  • Having the practical sessions made the course very powerful. Great
  • Having the opportunity to be actively involved in the practical
    activities helps us remember.
  • The course was amazing



  • "Children learn far more outside than being cooped up inside a classroom and we have the results to show it." Headteacher, Christchurch school, SW9.


  • “This is one of the best training I have attended I would recommend it to everyone.” 


  • “There are so many practical ideas they show you that you can take it back straight away and implement.” 

Bertrum House Nursery 

Staffs’ comments

"As a staff team, we’ve really enjoyed our Natural Thinkers journey.  The initial training motivated everyone to improve our practice and we were quick to throw out the plastic and get our hands on some tools!  Over the past two years we have dug, planted, recycled and reused and the children have benefitted in so many different ways: 
• they are confident in taking risks
• they are physically confident in using tools, climbing and moving
• they take responsibility for their environment
• they are calm and focused
• they are creative in new ways

Our parents are engaged and amazed at what their children can do.  They no longer worry about messy clothes and smile when they see faces splatted with mud!"

- Vicky Moran, Headteacher 


"It has been incredible to lead Bertrum House's journey to becoming a Natural Thinkers setting. From parent projects to weekly planning, Natural Thinkers is truly embedded within our everyday practice and is at the heart of everything we do. It has been wonderful to watch positive changes within our children taking place on a daily basis; children have gained confidence in taking risks, developed a curiosity for the natural world and have learnt to take care of wildlife and their environment. This is lifelong learning which begins from the age of 2; Natural Thinkers has a positive impact not only on the children's individual futures but also on the future of our planet. The children have even persuaded their parents to start composting at home! We are so excited for where Natural Thinkers will lead us in the future. Next stop - a wood-fired oven..."
- Hannah Brimson, Teacher


"Natural Thinkers has changed my view in so many ways. Since our training in September 2017, I have seen so much changed in and around the nursery, a bottle top is no longer just a piece of rubbish but a small link to a fabulous art display. I have loved watching the children change how they see real materials inside and outside of the nursery environment. The children are mindful of their surroundings and the animals that live within it showing a great respect for all living things. I am very excited to lead a brand new “Natural Thinkers” club!" - Chanell Dick, TA


"When we had our training back in September 2017 we generally felt we were maximising the outside space and providing children with fun, engaging activities, however since the training we have been on a journey to create a more natural outside experience where the children understand and respond to their natural environment. It has been a fantastic journey with the children recognising there is so much fun and enjoyment to be had out of items we would normally take for granted such as sticks, mud, leaves and stones! This has really enhanced the children's imagination. It has been fantastic to provide the children with real life objects such as bricks and see their creativity blossom whilst learning how to handle such objects carefully. The children have developed a sense of respect for the natural world and through doing so have become much more aware of relevant environmental topics such as recycling and looking after the world we live in. Natural Thinkers brings parents and carers into the school to help plant and build things providing a real sense of  community spirit. It has taken the whole school community on a wondrous journey to happier children learning wondrous things about the world around them." - Ruth Hare, Teacher 


“Attending the Natural Thinkers training was both inspiring and enjoyable. The trainer was passionate and delivered a great mix of informative and hands on training. As a staff we fed off the enthusiasm and since then have strived to facilitate daily activates that help the children explore and discover the importance of nature and outdoor learning." - Alan Keeley, Teacher


"It's a space where the children can truly express themselves - building confidence, friendships and developing important life skills such as respecting nature and taking risks." - Michelle Melvin, TA 


“I have been amazed with the outside learning area since I joined Bertrum House in January. I can see how it has changed a lot over the spring time and how much all the children enjoy outdoor learning in any weather." - Katerina Hlavackova, TA  

Parents comments

“We are so pleased that our son attends a nursery school which places so much emphasis on outdoor learning. Growing up in SW17, zone 3, makes it harder to feel that our son is having a wholesome childhood with plenty of time outside. The fact that he has a wonderful garden at nursery to play and learn in every day, whatever the weather, is a real positive. Since the Natural Thinkers work has started we’ve noticed he’s become more interested in plants, vegetables, how things grow (germination!), bugs, birds, different flower types, the list goes on, and we’ve also noticed a new confidence around climbing frames and other outdoor structures. I am so pleased that the nursery has received the Natural Thinkers accreditation and I’m sure the outside space will continue to flourish as a result.”

“I was originally drawn to Bertrum House by the outside space at the school and the passion that the teachers demonstrated for outdoor learning and giving the children the opportunity to connect with nature on a daily basis. I’m convinced this enables my children to explore and learn more freely and to respect their place in the natural world.”

"It's a joy to see the children being imbued with a lifetime love for the outdoors and to see them having so much fun while learning.  There's no better way to help children respect Nature and their place in it."


"As a family living in London, access to outside space can be limited but we embrace being outside in nature as much as possible, teaching our boys about the natural environment that surrounds them while they have fun exploring for bugs, observing the birds that visit our garden and messing about in the mud. The aims of Natural Thinkers complements what we are teaching our boys and we are thrilled that Bertrum House as become accredited to the scheme."


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