Connecting children to nature

We believe that all children are not only entitled to daily outdoor experiences, but beyond this they deserve the right to be able to access the natural world in its purest state. Children who are supported by enthusiastic and committed practitioners feel the freedom to explore without the boundaries of walls and ceilings, giving them a sense of limitless opportunities. Being outside and connecting with nature, develops our natural instincts and gives us a sense of well-being that no artificial environment can achieve.

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About Natural Thinkers

Natural Thinkers is a programme that supports teachers and practitioners in connecting children with nature, through practical activities that are inspiring and motivating.

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“Natural Thinkers is an obvious choice for all settings. Besides elevating learning achievements as a whole, it contributes to the building of generations who will be motivated to protect nature and therefore all of us. Nothing can be more important. A positive future for children and a thriving planet are intimately bound together as one.”

- Judy Ling Wong CBE, Chair of Sowing the Seeds Network, Honourary President of Black Environment Network, Natural Thinkers supporter.

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