About Natural Thinkers

About the Natural Thinkers programme


Natural Thinkers is a programme that supports teachers and practitioners in connecting children with nature.


"As a staff team, we’ve really enjoyed our Natural Thinkers journey. The initial training motivated everyone to improve our practice and we were quick to throw out the plastic and get our hands on some tools!  Over the past two years we have dug, planted, recycled and reused and the children have benefitted in so many different ways. Our parents are engaged and amazed at what their children can do. They no longer worry about messy clothes and smile when they see faces splatted with mud!"


- Vicky Moran, Headteacher, Bertrum House Nursery 

What have parents said about the programme?


"It's a joy to see the children being imbued with a lifetime love for the outdoors and to see them having so much fun while learning. There's no better way to help children respect Nature and their place in it." (Parent, Bertrum House Nursery)


"As a family living in London, access to outside space can be limited but we embrace being outside in nature as much as possible, teaching our boys about the natural environment that surrounds them while they have fun exploring for bugs, observing the birds that visit our garden and messing about in the mud."  (Parent, Bertrum House Nursery)


"Since the Natural Thinkers work has started we’ve noticed he’s become more interested in plants, vegetables, how things grow (germination!), bugs, birds, different flower types, the list goes on, and we’ve also noticed a new confidence around climbing frames and other outdoor structures" (Parent, Bertrum House Nursery)


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