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Council for learning outside the classroom 

A membership organisation to help you provide high-quality educational experiences so more children can learn outside the classroom, more often with a very useful website for what's going on across the country. 


London Environmental Educators Forum (LEEF)

LEEF is a membership organisation for London's most passionate green educators.  We meet to share skills and knowledge to improve the quality and quantity of environmental education delivered across the capital.


Rethinking childhood 

A website  managed by Tim Gill. Tim is interested in the changing nature of childhood. His work – which embraces writing, independent research, consultancy and public speaking – aims to have a positive impact on children’s everyday lives


Sowing the Seeds 
Reconnecting London’s children with nature


Daniel Raven-Ellison Mission Explore

Could you cross a forest without touching the ground? What would you see if you walked through your entire city taking a photo every eight steps? How would it feel to locate a missing cat and return it to its owner? How far could you walk sucking on the same mint? This is geography Daniel Raven-Ellison style. He’s using films, books, websites, and walks to take geography far beyond memorising dots on a map, challenging children and adults to experience every aspect of the world around them in a more meaningful, surprising way.


Oasis Nature Garden

Oasis Children’s Nature Garden, one of the only wildlife gardens just for children. The garden was a derelict site until 1982 when the local community began working on the transformation of the this into it’s now mature state.


Food Growing Schools 

Food Growing Schools London provide resources and activity ideas for growing food at your school. See below to discover all that they provide. 



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