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Rethinking childhood 

A website  managed by Tim Gill. Tim is interested in the changing nature of childhood. His work – which embraces writing, independent research, consultancy and public speaking – aims to have a positive impact on children’s everyday lives


Sowing the Seeds Reconnecting London’s children with nature


Daniel Raven-Ellison Mission Explore

Could you cross a forest without touching the ground? What would you see if you walked through your entire city taking a photo every eight steps? How would it feel to locate a missing cat and return it to its owner? How far could you walk sucking on the same mint? This is geography Daniel Raven-Ellison style. He’s using films, books, websites, and walks to take geography far beyond memorising dots on a map, challenging children and adults to experience every aspect of the world around them in a more meaningful, surprising way.


Oasis Nature Garden

Oasis Children’s Nature Garden, one of the only wildlife gardens just for children. The garden was a derelict site until 1982 when the local community began working on the transformation of the this into it’s now mature state.

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