Natural Thinkers went to Bertrum House Nursery School, Wandsworth on 1.09.17

A selection of comments from the practitioners:

"I think that natrual Thinkers programme is a great opportunity for teachers and children to enjoy nature and learn through it. The whole training was full of great ideas whcih we will involve into our outdoor planning."

"A fantastic inset. lots of great ideas and information for helping to create wonderful outdoor learning for children

"it was so lovely to start the term with lots of lovely outdoor activites to inspire us. Great to have so much hands-on exepriences. it was clearly explained and easy to understand and take on board. Great stuff!"

Natural Thinkers has come to Haringey!

Part one was on 25th January - great to see the enthusiasm of all the delegates who work daily with children ranging from Early Years to Key Stage 2. 

Looking forward to more fun and learning on part 2 on the 15th March!

The Natural Thinkers Conference was a huge success. 

Here are a few comments and photos from the day.

A big thank you to all who made it possible. 

Natural Thinkers Settings

Congratulations to Bonneville Primary

for becoming a Natural Thinkers School. Children and staff have embraced the 10 commitments, connecting children to nature and caring for their environment. Among many initiatives implemented they have created with parents an edible garden which they have developed through recycling and reusing materials

Well done to the Early Years Foundation Team at Loughborough Primary

for being recognised as a Natural Thinkers setting. Since attending training they have worked hard with the children to meet the requirements of the 10 commitments and have great plans to develop practice further.


Lead School

Heathbrook Primary

On Monday Reception really enjoyed exploring the extreme rain we’ve been experiencing!

We donned our wet-weather clothes and wellies and embraced it! It confirmed our Natural Thinkers ethos that it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it simply matters what you wear.

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