Big Outdoor Art Challenge - 6-12 July 2020

The Children's Challenge has partnered with the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom to host the #BigOutdoorArtChallenge.

This is taking place during Children's Art Week from 6-12 July with the aim of encouraging children to get creative and active, improving their health and wellbeing whilst having fun. 


You can find out more on their website, as well as instructions on how your school or early years setting can register to take part.

RSPB - WildArt 2020

The RSPB are inviting children to create a piece of art inspired by nature, with the winner in each age group winning an art gift voucher woorth £100. 


There are two categories to choose from. REAL LIFE entries use the more traditional approach of paints, pens, pencils etc. GO WILD entries will experiment with textiles, sculpture, recycled materials etc. The competition is split into three age groups: under 8s, 8-12 and 13 years and over. 


For more information, with details of how to enter, see the RSPB's website.

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